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LST Vitze-Admiral Ivan Gren (Project 1171.1) class 

(original entry 2004, updated 2010)

Project 1171.1 LST

(Russian Federation)

Notes: In 2003, Russia announced plans to build six of these amphibious assault ships (official classification "BDK"), but shortly thereafter cancelled all but two; one for the Baltic fleet and the other for the Pacific fleet. As with many Soviet/Russian amphibious designs; it is quite unconventional with a long, sleek hull and squat superstructure. The design was done by the Nevsky Bureau in St. Petersburg.

The lead ship, Vitze-Admiral Ivan Gren, was laid down on 23 December 2004 at the Yantar SY in Kaliningrad; however production has proceeded quite slowly. The original scheduled in-service date was January 2012 but as of March 2010 the ship had not even been launched yet so this seems doubtful.


Displacement (est): 5000t standard Dimensions: 370'x54'1"x11'8" Machinery (est): CODAD: 4 Kolomna 10D49 diesels, 2 reduction gearboxes, 2 shafts w/CP props Max speed (est): 18kts Range (est): 3500NM @ 15kts Complement (est): 100

AMPHIBIOUS LIFT: x13 T-72 MBTs, or, x36 BMP-3 amphibious APCs + 300 marines

AIRCRAFT: x2 "Helix" size helicopters hangared; helipad large enough to land Mi-17 "Hip" or Mi-24 "Hind"

WEAPONS (planned): x2 BM-21 MLRS, x1 AK-176 76mm, x2 AK-630 gatling CIWS

Entry created by: Jason W. Henson
Contributors: Jason W. Henson

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