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AN/SPS-69, AN/SPS-70, and AN/SPS-71 radars 


AN/SPS-69 ("Radar B") radar

(United States)

Notes: "Radar B" was a joint USN/USCG effort to develop a low-cost, modern military surface search and navigation radar. It was intended for both future classes and for retrofit, replacing several types of existing navigational radars including AN/SPS-66.

AN/SPS-69 has a simple slotted-waveguide bar-type antenna, and a 7" colour CRT display. The upgraded version, AN/SPS-71, appeared in 1993. It has a dielectric dome protector for the antenna and a 10" colour CRT control console with more features.

This is a very successful programme and about seven hundred AN/SPS-69 sets have been built by Raytheon. They are usually installed on minor or small types, such as harbor patrol boats, LCM’s, LCU’s, motor lifeboats, gigs, and "mike" workboats. This radar has excellent resolution and can detect a survivor in a liferaft. Reportedly, in calm seas, a swimmer floating with a life vest can be detected.

The designation AN/SPS-70 was apparently at one point reserved for the "Radar B" effort but never assigned to anything; the USN has now skipped it to avoid confusion.

Operating band:



Instrumented max: 44NM

Realistic: 29NM to 35NM

Pulse characteristics:

0.08ms, 2250pps



Entry created by: Jason W. Henson

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