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MR-600 Voskhod ("Top Sail") 3D radar 


MR-600 Voskhod (“Top Sail”) radar


Notes: This massive (almost 21’ tall) 3D radar was designed during the 1960s and approved for production in 1967. It was fitted to larger warships equipped with the SA-N-3 “Goblet” SAM although it was not directly associated with the weapon. The mesh antenna was fed by a central bar, around which was wrapped the waveguide (much like a barber’s pole), this allowed the necessary wavelength for such a huge antenna. The official Soviet name (“the dawn” in Russian) is a wordplay on how “Top Sail” operated; the beam rose and set as the antenna turned, thus scanning in altitude for 3D. The antenna had two large posterior vanes which helped stabilize it. On a Moskva class helicopter carrier, it was situated atop the main mast almost 60’ above the waterline, allowing good range. Against a bomber at high altitude, maximum range was 243NM, at lower altitudes 153NM. A fighter at high altitude could be detected at 114NM, at lower altitude 49NM.




Entry created by: Jason W. Henson

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