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RGM-59 Taurus 

RGM-59 Taurus

(United States)

Notes: As the USN decommissioned all-gun ships of the WWII era, the USMC was left with a declining pool of fire support. In 1961, the USN issued the LFSW (landing force support weapon) requirement which called for a highly-accurate missile with a minimum of 30NM range, that could be launched from existing Mk10 twin-arm launchers (as used by the RIM-2 Terrier SAM).

Tests of potential guidance systems on small rockets revealed some challenges, namely that inertial guidance did not give sufficient accuracy while other methods (TV, homing, etc) failed because the presumptive targets lacked visual contrast. The solution was inertial guidance in the flight phase with terminal homing on a beacon held by forward troops. If the latter failed, inertial guidance would be able to guide it to target with reduced accuracy. The Taurus was to be two-stage, the first a fall-off solid rocket and the second unpowered. Total range was predicted to be 50NM with a 1000lb HE unitary warhead.

Most of the RGM-59’s systems had been tested on other rockets by 1965, however no actual Taurus was built before it was cancelled in 1965. The USN then shifted to a proposed “Sea Lance” version of the Army’s MGM-52 Lance SRBM, which also came to nothing.



Entry created by: Jason W. Henson

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